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Chakras & Auras - Increase Your Energy Flow

Chakras & Auras - Increase Your Energy Flow

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Discover the power of your seven chakras and learn all about your personal energy field: your aura.

By exploring the ways you emanate energy, you can nurture your spiritual self and gain insight into who you truly are.

  • Number of Pages: 96 pages
  • Cover: Hard back 
  • Hinkler's new range of 'Elevate' titles provide a comprehensive, yet uncomplicated overview of all areas of the 'Mind Body Spirit' genre, covering concepts of karma, intuition, Zen, chakras, auras and more
  • Each book is hardback, A5, with 96 pages, plus endpapers and high production values - including gloss lamination and gold foil. Each book features lush photography and has the luxurious feel of a coffee table book
  • Stunning, contemporary cover illustration by local Melbourne illustrator, Rachael Jorgensen
  • Increase your energy flow
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